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Night Routine in less than 5 minutes

October 10, 2017


Good night guyss! (I guess you are reading this "night routine" at night... so...)


I am the kind of person that loves taking care of herself and at night even more. I have been applying for a while a night routine and I am getting the results that I wish for. 


This routine is for hydration and a better looking of my face on the next day.

Sometimes when I just got home after a really busy and stressful day what relaxes me is my night routine. For this night routine there is a special product that I use and specially love. The VIIcode Eye Mask... (I will talk more about it in the a few seconds)


Before letting you know about my super super special night routine, you guys have to be in the mood to relax, to leave all your problems before going to bed. I consider the mood changes everything.

If we are happy, each cream and gel that we put on our face would feel like a miracle to ourselves. However, if we are stress out or angry, there are no creams that would feel like they are working as good as they should. And all because of the mood. So... little advise... go to bed in a great mood and everything is going to workout as desire. 


Now, after saying all of that I can start telling you my special night routine that takes me less than 5 minutes. 


I start washing my face with a face cleanser and taking out any last piece of makeup from the day. 

Then, I put on my night cream. Any type of crema that hydrates would work. The idea is to put on a product, if natural better, that hydrates your faces while you are sleeping. 

This last step would be the one that takes a little bit more time because after this step I wait like 40 seconds to do the next step. 

And last but not least... I put on my Eye Mask that are little gel eye patches that go under our eyes, where the dark circles are. (See photos for details) 


With the fingers being careful I touch the patches to make sure they are glued to the skin. When you feel a little cool but fresh feeling you are good to go. 



















and ... PUFFF... Immediately, you feel more relax! 


Little tip: VIIcode suggests to wear the masks for eight hours while sleep, which is different from other sheet masks. 



Great right? Hope you all put in practice this short and efficient night routine! 











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