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NEED TO HAVE Fashion Pieces from Zaful

August 10, 2017

Good evening or good night... I have a great post for you guys from a store i like!

Today’s post is about Zaful

and its incredible pieces

(You already know that I love them, so yes…) I pick them because in their webpage you can find the last trends! So go ahead, and check them guys! 



I wanted to recommend you 3 pieces that would make your wardrobe awesome!






This is a classic T shirt but with a non-classic colors and design. This is one of the piece we must have on our closet if you want to be fashion


Sometimes we have so many cloth that we do not even know how to wear them o how to combine them with other pieces... That's why I am advising you to have a classic shirt in your wardrobe that I am sure you will feel super great wearing it. (Down the picture is the link if you want to get it right away)







HANDBAGS that seem different are the correct ones to have.


WHY? Because we don’t want to be normal, normal is boring. And another reason it is because handbag are part of accessories that accessories is one of the most important parts of our looks. Handbags must match with your shoes o your other accessories. 

So, want to go ahead and get some handbags for your outfits?








OF COURSEEEE, Sunglasses!! We must have sunglasses everywhere. And if they are like this even more.

Sunglasses give the outfit the ultimate touch. It has the power to make you look GORGEOUS or not. As simple as that... They must match with your personality, with your way of wear clothes, with your actitud because if they do not, they will not make the desire effect on your look.







so... I hope you guys get some things for your wardrobe

Hope you would have everything single piece. 




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